Sponsor a Project


 Why Be A Corporate Sponsor?


  • Immediate positive impact on the life of a senior, veteran, a person with a disability or a family in need


  • Great team building and community leadership opportunity for your employees


  • Demonstrate your organization's commitment to community service and improving the quality of life on Long Island


  • Favorable publicity through media, press releases, articles, photos, signage


  • Preserving and improving Long Island’s aging housing stock


  • Alliance with nationally respected Rebuilding Together organization

Have some fun while helping a neighbor who needs your help! 

You'll be glad you did!

2018 Projects


With the financial support of Honeywell and their wonderful employees who worked side-by-side with the RTLI volunteer work crews, we made significant improvements to a home in Hempstead for Mommas House. Mommas provides a safe haven and a loving, nurturing environment for single young women and their babies for up to two years so the mom's can finish their schooling and vocational training. We are so grateful to them for what they do and to Honeywell for their generous support and the outstanding work of their employees."


Please contact us at: (631)777-7894