Client Testimonials

Our clients, contributors and volunteers hear about us through local newspapers, friends, social service organizations, discharge planners, churches, synagogues, etc.  Sometimes, RTLI is their last chance for help and we understand their frustration.  We do our best to help those who need us most and provide a safe, warm and accessible home.  If you know of someone who might need our help, please have them call (631)777-7894 or contact us by e-mail at and a home visit will be made to the homeowner.


Grateful client, Harry of Greenport, ..... "I found this (the RTLI experience) just extraordinary.  More than workers, the crew became my friends - they were Forces of Good.  Before they came, my bathroom had no rails, the sink was way too high.  Now that the bathroom is just right, it's more than making a difference - it's life changing."  This project was as wonderful for the crew as it was for Harry who was a delight to work for!  We were able to construct a new ramp, install grab bars, make modifications to meet Harry's needs and install new flooring (see before and after photo below).  Neighbors helping neighbors!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can’t help but reflect on how grateful my wife and I are for the compassion and generosity of your organization. We were referred to Rebuilding Together with no previous knowledge of your organization.

From the very first day, your staff came into our home and were nothing but kind and caring. As we continued to meet your team, they shared with us what they were prepared to do to assist my wife and my son with their everyday inconveniences of our home. Over the years, with the piling of bills, adjustments to our home were hard to make. As we listened to your team members, we were amazed and overwhelmed by their willingness to help our family resolve the everyday challenge of being able to go out the front door and make it possible again. The assistance that they provided may have seemed small to many, but to us, it was nothing less than extraordinary.

We can’t begin to explain the impact you have had on our family and while we don’t have much, we would like to send this nominal “thank you” to your team with our deepest gratitude. Your efforts are more impactful than yu may know, as they don’t just improve structural challenges, as they provided emotional achievements. PM, Valley Stream 2016
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At this time of year especially, my thoughts settle on the things I am most grateful for having experienced. This year, and probably for the rest of my life, I count the wonderful people at Rebuilding Together among my blessings.

The work you did on my house to make it accessible, inclusing my ramp, the flooring, and moving the washer and dryer to the main floor combined to make my life so much easier. Because I can now cook from my chair and because my friends can get into my house using my new ramp, I can socialize and now am so happy about that! Frank and all of the gentlemen who came with him thought of so many helpful modifications that I feel that I am living a very different life than I did a year ago.

The changes also helped my daughter in that she can have more of a typical life, because I can be more independent. Meaghan, my sixteen-year-old angel, sends her thanks as well.

I spoke so often of the wonderful men who gave so freely of their time and energy, and how through their kindness changed my life. I cannot thank you enough.
— Pamela P. F. | Holtsville
I have been battling cancer since November of 2009. I have been very sad for the last year due to the fact that I was unable to leave my home because it was not wheel chair accessible. My husband reached out for help and contacted Hospice. Hospice has been wonderful and when they realized the situation contacted you. A crew of volunteers came in and installed a ramp going out to my back yard. Now I am able to go outside and get into a car to see my doctors or just take a ride. This was the most wonderful day of my life and I am thankful for the people who truly care and want to help people in need. I am not sure how to thank everyone for all their help, but I am trying to orgainize a fund-raiser so people can donate to your organization so you can continue to help others.
— S.V. | Elmont
My name is Claire A and I’m 89 years old. I have to write thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful wheel chair ramp that your volunteers built for me. When I say I really appreciate this ramp, it is an understatement. Your volunteers also installed grab bars in my shower so now my husband does not have to take a shower with me to support him due to my stroke.

Please thank all your volunteers who so graciously gave their time and talent to help us. No words can express how grateful we are.
— Claire A. | Massapequa

"Everyone at Rebuilding Together is an Angel"

On behalf of J., I want to express our gratitude to your organization and to your group of dedicated volunteers. They were unbelievable!!!

We had been searching for help and were caught up in the bureaucratric and somewhat political social service network when we found Rebuilding Together. In less than three weeks you opened a door through which J. can access the world outside, by building her an amazing wheelchair ramp. You put a smile on her face at a time when she has little to smile about. Your volunteers are awesome and we can’t thank them enough!!!
— Loretta
Words do not do justice for the profound thanks that we feel toward your organization and its memebrs, providing the services you have rendered for my wife and myself. The professionalism, respect and overall willingness to do what you have done have made us forever grateful.

With your help, my wife who has very limited mobility, has greater access to our home and facilities. In these difficult times we struggle through trying to make ends meet. As we get older, we needed modifications to our home but were not able to make these changes. Rebuilding Together has provided to us a brand new handicapped accessible bathroom, which these days would be extremely taxing on us and otherwise would not be able to have. You have done other modifications and maintenance to our home that has greatly eased my wife’s ability to get around the house and improved the overall appearance and made it much more livable.
— Mr. and Mrs. W
This note carries my immense gratitude for all the work that was done in the house to help me. I am confident that all that effort that you make to help others in distress will be compensated in a great manner by the Blessings of God. The Lord sent me strength and helping hands to be able to realize that what we do one day for others, sooner or later comes back to us.

Thank you for your kindness; you knew exactly what will be good for me to remain in my house. Thank you, thank you so much!
— M.C. | Amityville

"Thank you for giving me back my home"

We are writing this letter to express our sincerest gratitude for the bathroom that you have provided us. Ever since your organization was introduced to our family, everyone has been extremely professional, informative, and courteous. You’ve made the troubled times that our family was going through dealing with a very unsafe, unhealthy traveled room for many years. Our children can finally enter the room, washing hands, brushing teeth, and taking bubble baths in a SAFE environment. We are very happy with our new bathroom and the quality of Chrisnic Construction.
— Mr. and Mrs. B.
I don’t know where to start on how deeply we appreciate what your organization and everyone involved with this project has done for us. Also, Chrisnic Construction was phenomenal. Every crew from the contractor’s guidance was professional, meticulous, and hard working.

Rip Out Crew - Ryan, Ian, and another chap Ryan were efficient and knowledgeable.

Plumber - Danny, hardworking, precise.

Carpenters - Phil, Jose, Donny, and all carpenters were another hard working group, very meticulous as well.

Tile - Mike, what a talented young man.

Each one of these people gave this bathroom life.

With much regards,

— Donna and Michael B.
Hi Joe, I got your email but I was unable to answer from where I was, things have been a bit crazy, I had my left leg amputated in the beginning of November and I have been undergoing therapy coupled with a bunch of complications since then. Things have just started to calm down, I got out of the hospital Saturday evening and it feels good to be home.

Joe, thanks to you and your crew my life has been made as normal as can be, your ramp and house alterations have given me the chance to live a normal life, I can at least get out and walk my dog or take the paratransit bus to town or go to a friend’s house. You are a very special person to care enough about people to help them through their worst times. Joe, thanks to you I am surviving this whole thing. God Bless you, you are a rare person to care so much, thank you. Please come by, I would love to see you, I never really got the chance to get to know you, I would love to see you and the wonderful men who made this possible.

I guess it’s not to late to wish you the happiest healthiest New Year, you certainly deserve it. Thanks again.
— Steve C. | Huntington
Funny how things happen: We had recently received some money via the will of a dear friend who had passed last April at the age of 97. We had already decided to give it to charity and I had been intending to write you a check for weeks now, but sadly had not gotten around to it. So I had to smile when I received your letter a few days ago - it was like a song on the side of my head from God saying “Send the check already!!”

No need to thank me for the enclosed. Thanks should go to our dear 97 year old friend, M. C. I know she be pleased it was going to be used to do so much good!

Thanks again for the opportunity to help your wonderful work!
— Ms. L. L.
Neighbors helping neighbors.

Neighbors helping neighbors.

"I am truly blessed in meeting you"

I walked out early this morning and felt as if I was walking along the Jones Beach Boardwalk….that same feeling of peacefulness, tranquility and calm came over me walking the 72 feet! If I felt that way, I am confident that the many kids and adults in wheelchairs will feel the same and isn’t that what counts? And then, as if that wasn’t a big enough project, we will finally have our own state of the art outdoor shower for the Pal-O-Mine students during the summer……..this is something we have wanted for several years.

Thank you for getting involved, for giving back and for making a difference. It is community partnerships that continue to enhance Long Island and I appreciate the dedication to the not for profit community that Rebuilding Together demonstrates.

Please visit our website at to learn more about the programs and children and adults we serve. I am proud to add you on our list of supporters!
— Lisa A. Gatti | Founder Pal-O-Mine
You had no idea who I was. That did not matter to you. I was someone who needed your help, and there you were ready to give it. You have made me very happy. It is a dream. One week my house was in need of so many tings, and the next week my house is like a palace. I can never thank you enough.
— Mr. D | Bellmore
Aunt H loved her deck and ramp immensely. It gave her freedom and who wouldn’t enjoy that. Secondly, we powerwashed and stained the little deck that you folks were nice enough to re-create. It’s a real asset to the house and we appreciate your generosity.
— Kathleen
T and I would like to thank you so much for aiding her in being able to do the simplest things as taking a shower and using the bathroom. I am truly blessed in meeting you and for the years it took for T’s dream to come true is well worth it.
— Y. T. from Baldwin
I want to let you know that we are thankful and happy for the back sliding door and front storm door. We do not have much for the coming holiday, but we think for sure we will have health and a new roof thanks to you.
— The G Family
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful ramp you installed in my home. The freedom you gave me is immeasurable.
— N. R. from Baldwin
I’m very grateful for those wonderful people coming into my home and giving me the help that I needed very badly.
— Ms. K from Levittown
There just aren’t words enough to express my appreciation and heartfelt thanks to you. I have never had a loving blessing such as yours. My roof was coming down and I could see daylight and heavy rains in the rooms. I felt so helpless and God led me to you.
— Ms. A from Roosevelt
Thank you for your most generous assistance in the restoration of my home. You have made an old lady very happy and comfortable.
— Mrs. S from Babylon
Thank you for constructing my ramp. It is now a pleasure when I have to leave the house. It makes life that much easier to bear.
— Mr. & Mrs. W
My thanks and appreciation for your labor of love. Bless all of you who give so willingly to those in need.
— Jeannette
Without your help sometimes I think I would go under.
— Mrs. R from Old Bethpage
I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation at all that has transpired since those heaven-sent volunteers arrived at my home. Because of their generous efforts, I am experiencing a new sense of hope and renewal.
— Mrs. L. from Lake Grove
Your organzation is truly a blessing to people like me who have no one and no finances at all to ever cover all the fixings. You’ve made it possible for me to have some peace of mind so I can still be able to stay in my home, the only “roots” I know.
— Ms. B from Massapequa
My mom always told me that there were angels above that looked over us, and thanks to Rebuilding Together I now strongly believe what my mom had told me. Everyone at Rebuilding Together is an Angel.
— Hedy
I am very pleased with your work. My house was caulked, had interior painting and the yards were cleaned. The new wheel chair ramp for my disabled daughter is wonderful.
— Gerald from Oceanside
How do you begin to thank all of you for the joy you brought into my life with your gifts of love. Thank you all for caring and sharing from a most grateful and humble heart.
— Mrs. B. from Massapequa
Those touched by warmth and kindness are the happiest of all. Thank you for giving me back my home.
— Valerie from Elmont

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